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This lawsuit is ongoing but stands to prove that whenever using content that seems to be public because of its popularity, it is important to be aware of copyright law.

Website Plagiarism: How to find it and respond

Copyright issues are never far away when using the internet. Recent strict Google Panda updates have made it more vital for content creators to monitor the web for copyright infringements and to protect their content. If someone takes your content and gets higher ratings on their website than yours has, Google could interpret the situation as though you are the copyright infringer. It is, therefore, always in your interest to monitor your content and here are some of the ways to do it.

Detecting copyright infringements and working pre-emptively against offenders can save a significant amount of time and effort, as copyright laws can become tangled and complicated. If you own a website or blog, any and all content that you created and uploaded must be monitored against takers. The internet is full of tools that can be used in the fight against copyright infringement; here are specific tools and steps that can be taken to protect your web content:. After discovering that someone has taken your content, you need to undertake steps to get the situation rectified.

Here are some helpful guidelines on what you should do to remedy it as soon as possible. Have you had experience dealing with plagiarists? What tools do you normally use? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below. Read more. I have someone who copied a blog post from a site I run on narcissism.

Her blog post is now page one on Google for two important keyword phrases of mine.

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Two separate page one ranking she has now due to me. Hers is on her FB account. Mine are in my blog been around since At the very bottom of the article is a link to my website but it is clear from the comments people think she did the writing. Google certainly seems to. I asked her to put my name on it, at the top, along with a link.

You are saying I should ask her to take it down due to recent Panda? This is very distressing to me to my words on page one go to her. View More…. Advertise Here.

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Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better experience. Read our privacy policy for more information. Accept and Close. Register your website with the DMCA and add one of their badges to your website to let potential copyright infringers know that you are protecting your content Include a copyright notice on your website.

To intentional infringers, this will likely be enough to scare them away. To unintentional copiers, it should be a reminder to them that copying your content is illegal. A way to build proof that all your content is actually yours is by actively documenting the creative process. Save drafts of everything you post online in case you need to prove later that you are the original author. Use Duplicate Content Detection and Monitoring Tools: Detecting copyright infringements and working pre-emptively against offenders can save a significant amount of time and effort, as copyright laws can become tangled and complicated.

The internet is full of tools that can be used in the fight against copyright infringement; here are specific tools and steps that can be taken to protect your web content: Use Google Search to scan the internet for unique parts of your text. Remember to use quotation marks so that the result is most accurate to your exact wording structure! Another way to do this and save time is to set Google Alerts so that each time new work that matches those search queries is published online Google will notify you on your email.

Monitor your content to search for plagiarism. There are various tools that allow you to search certain text and inform you if parts of it have been used elsewhere. Plagium and Plagiarisma are two such tools. You can also add your blog to the Copygator service, which monitors your blog for free and contacts you when it finds duplicate content on the internet. The PlagSpotter software provides a service similar to Copygator but also allows you to scan your web content using the batch search feature the ability to check large numbers of URLs or your whole site to see if you have accidentally plagiarized.

A Plagiarism Guide for Students

Well said Andy and Blair. Protecting our work is one of the most important things we can do these days. I love how well Andy and Blair handled this. I also know how many man hours went into designing and developing our site by the team.

Copyright Explained For Students: Don’t Get Caught Out

We have to monitor their new website and perhaps do a follow up post. I admire the professionalism all of you have shown. But I think the only way to stop these guys is to have Google nuke them. Great article Andy. Thank you for the referral to the Copyscape tool. Unfortunately, this kind of theft is older than the word L. As CMO for a number 3 firm, behind two behemoths in the energy industry…, I once had a press release copied.

Like the example you gave, this company left my corporate boilerplate with my company name in it. The release stayed on their website for 6 hours, but not before it was the talk of the town from Houston to Dubai! And, he will defend it in the manner that is appropriate to the situation — like you just picked up one of his children and started running for the woods. Andy, great topic for conversation today… and also very well covered. Although, the companies were in Hong Kong and Pakistan.

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It makes me think to myself… am I an international sensation and man of envy that they should be blessed to have my journalistic meddlings adorn their business websites? In this case, I may just have to lean towards plagiarism is the best form of flattery… and then call it a day. Here are some, with appropriate penalties.

The domain dumb thieves. Strengthen the gene pool: Off with their heads. Slightly Disguised Theft The lifting of entire articles, source code or site designs with only minor modifications. In some ways, even worse than above. Idea Theft Where someone takes your idea and attempts to rewrite it to make it his own.

This is what I was largely addressing in the letter above. Twenty lashes and as many lawyers. It was clever but easily discovered. Interestingly, he could use it fairly for PPC purposes. Cease and desist. BUT attribution is required AND the item of inspiration should probably be from outside of your space. Polite but firm request to fix. Great article and has helped me with our design studio work as well….

I am in the fundraising business, and I have to be extremely ethical in my business practices, but when you read the news these days, so many of the issues that cause this nation the problems we have, you realize that much of them are caused by a lapse of ethical behavior. The really, really sad part is that the second I saw that persons photo I new exactly who it was. And I know them because 15 years ago they were another agency in my town and stole the identity of another agency from a design book, name and all. I know a few people that worked there and the stories were endless. After years they left and what I hear is they went to Atlanta.

Now they are in Charlotte. Very sad, email me if you want more details. Actually dont know really where to start. For 10 plus years I have had a site up and dedicated to My band called The Pandoras. Me, one of the few actual original members decided to erect a site in loving memory of the lead singer Paula Pierce who died of an anuerysm in This year January I had financial difficulties and lost the domain name. Promptly someone bought the domain name JuliePatchouli.

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All contact information is private and there seems to be no way to contact the domain name owner at all. Or at least that I can find. I do not have the funds to hire a lawyer at this time and am not really sure what to do about it. Would welcome anyones input. They copied my work.